Military Teens (ages 14-18) will have an opportunity to participate in high energy and highly fun camps planned in 10 states across the U.S.  Each camp offers a unique outdoor experience that will allow the youth to build leadership, self-confidence and teamwork skills while participating in HIGH ADVENTURE activities. 

This summer will mark the second annual Hawaii Adventure Camp (HAC 2013) for military-connected teens and will focus on 3 major themes: 

Some of the activities the campers will have the opportunity to participate in are:
surfing, swimming, climbing wall, archery, snorkeling, horseback riding, campfire, odyssey ropes course, stand-up paddle boarding, team development courses and packout camping.

The incorporation of "Mindfulness" throughout all camp activities as well as dedicted mindfulness sessions will be instrumental in fostering the youth's mental fitness. 

*Mindfulness is the ability to focus on the present moment with acceptance, which resonates with Aloha (literally means "presence in the breath").

Participation in HAC will enhance problem solving, self-responsibility and leadership, and decision making skills, as well as provide youth with an opportunity to form strong connections with other military youth from the Pacific Rim region.

*This camp is funded by the Department of Defense and USDA/NIFA, and made possible through a joint venture between the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii Operation: Military Kids and the YMCA Camp Erdman.

**For a complete listing of Military Teen Adventure Camps, please visit: