Frequently Asked Questions...


Q:  Who is eligible to attend the Hawaii Adventure Camp (HAC)?

A:  All campers must be:

       * Between the ages of 14-18 years old

     * A Dependent of an Active Duty, Guard, Reserve or Retired Service Member

      * Currently living in the Pacific Rim Regions of Hawaii, Japan, Okinawa, Korea, American Samoa, Guam, Kwajalein,

       Singapore or Saipan

     * First-time Hawaii Adventure Camp participants

Q:  Does everyone that submits their registration forms get accepted into camp?

A:  Unfortunately, NO.  There are only 50 camp slots available. Campers will be confirmed on a first-come-first 

       serve basis. 

Q:  Do I have to be athletic and adventurous to attend camp?

A:  NO, but you do have to be physically and mentally capable and willing to participate in all camp 


Q:  What are some of the camp activities?

A:  Low and high challenge courses, alpine tower, odyssey ropes course, surfing, swimming, horseback

     riding, snorkeling, archery, stand-up paddle boarding, campfire, packout and peer networking.

Lodging & Meals

Q:  What are the camp accommodations like?

A:  The YMCA Camp Erdman is a full residential campsite with cabins that can house anywhere from 8-16 people. 

     All cabins have electricity and indoor restrooms (sink, toilet, shower).  Beds are bunk-bed style and 

     come with just a mattress so each camper will need to bring either a sleeping bag or something 

     comparable.  Sheets and a pillow alone are not recommended.

Q:  What are the sleeping arrangements?

A:  Boys and girls sleep in separate cabins.  Each cabin is supervised by an adult camp counselor.

Q:  What are the eating arrangements?

A:  Three full meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be served daily with supplemental morning and afternoon

     snack breaks.  To promote a healthy lifestyle, the kitchen staff prepares well balanced meals including a 

     vegetarian option. 

Q:  What if my child has dietary restrictions?

A:  A food allergy form is included in the registration pack.  All allergies and dietary restrictions that you state on

     this form is shared with the kitchen staff.

Q:  Is my child able to bring extra food and drinks to camp?

A:  Outside drinks are not allowed, however campers may bring light unperishable snacks.  Snacks must be 

      kept in an airtight sealed container and cannot be eaten in the cabins.  There is a mini store on-site with  

      drinks and light snacks for purchase.  Your child will be responsible for his/her own money.

Health & Safety

Q:  Will my child be able to bring a cellphone or other electronics?

A:  Yes, but ALL electronics must be powered off throughout the entire duration of camp.  Your child will be  

     liable for all of their personal belongings.  In the event of an emergency, parents may leave a message with

     the Camp Erdman office.  The office phone will also be available for campers to use, but only under

     extreme circumstances.

Q: What are the prohibited items?

A:  Hair dryers/curlers/flat irons, portable games, non-prescription drugs, weapons, pets, tobacco, alcohol, 

     drugs, jewelry.

Q:  What if my child needs to take medication?

A:  All medication must be deposited with the camp nurse upon check-in.  Prescription and non-prescription 

     medication must be in its original container and should be taken as instructed on the original container.  Be

      sure to include enough medication for your child's entire stay. 

Q:  What happens if my child becomes ill or gets injured during camp?

A:  There will be an on-site nurse at camp.  Parents will be notified immediately if their child becomes too ill to

     participate in camp activities or if emergency medical attention is needed.  If immediate medical attention is

     required, the appropriate emergency authorities will be contacted and the child will be transported to the 

     hospital.  All attempts will be made to notify the parent.  Parents are responsible for all the fees charged by

     attending physicians, ER, EMS and/or pharmacy for any medications or services prescribed that are not 

     immediately covered by your existing insurance.


Q:  Who pays for my child's airfare to Oahu, Hawaii?

A:  Travel allowance is available, but because there is a limited amount of funds, this allowance

     will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

     * Neighbor Island travel:  (Maui, Kauai, Big Island) will be awarded up to $250/per camper

     * Foreign travel: (American Samoa, Guam, Saipan, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Kwajalein and Singapore) will be 

       awarded up to $1000/per camper.  Depending on the distance and method of transportation for each camper, 

       some families might personally bare a portion of the travel expense.

Q:  Who pays for my child's baggage fees?

A:  Parents

Q:  Who makes the Airfare arrangements?

A:  PARENTS.  After you receive confirmation that your child has been accepted into camp, you will be responsible for booking

     and paying for your child's roundtrip flight.  *When making the flight arrangements, please remember to keep in mind the 

      maximum amount of travel allowance per camper.  You will then need to submit the flight itinerary and proof of payment

      (receipt) to our office.  All approved travel allowances will be processed and paid after the camp has concluded.  

Q:  Is there a booking deadline for air travelers?

A:  YES.  All flights must be booked and paperwork submitted to our office by June 15, 2013

Q:  Will there be ground transportation available to/from the campsite?

A:  Yes.  There will be a chartered bus with pick-up/drop-off at 3 locations (Honolulu & Leeward).  There will also be

      1 shuttle traveling to/from Honolulu Airport for travelers that arrive and depart at feasible and preferred hours.

Other Costs

Q:  How much does the Camp itself cost?

A:  A $50 refundable deposit (check payable to "RCUH") is required to hold each camp spot.  If you have two children   

     attending camp, you will need to pay $100, and so forth.  This deposit is non-refundable for cancellations made after

     June 15, 2013 unless we are able to fill your child's spot.   

Q:  What costs are parents responsible for?

A:  ** Getting their outer-island or out-of-state traveler to/from their local airport.

     ** All baggage fees

     ** Meals during airline travel (if needed)

     ** Spending money for snacks or souvenirs during camp

     ** All fees assessed for airline ticket changes, cancellations, and costs that surpass the approved allowance

*Registration Deadline:

June 15, 2013 or until all 50 slots are filled

*Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations must be done by June 15th.  Camp deposits will not be refunded for cancellations made after this deadline unless your spot can be filled.